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Structural basis for membrane fusion by enveloped viruses. Danieli, T. Membrane fusion mediated by the influenza virus hemagglutinin requires the concerted action of at least three hemagglutinin trimers. Cell Biol. Blumenthal, R. Dilation of the influenza hemagglutinin fusion pore revealed by the kinetics of individual cell—cell fusion events. Markovic, I.

Synchronized activation and refolding of influenza hemagglutinin in multimeric fusion machines. Zimmerberg, J. Drug Deliv. Helenius, A. Schlesinger, S. Lescar, J. The fusion glycoprotein shell of Semliki Forest virus: an icosahedral assembly primed for fusogenic activation at endosomal pH. Zhang, W. Placement of the structural proteins in Sindbis virus. Rey, F. Nature , — Modis, Y.

A ligand-binding pocket in the dengue virus envelope glycoprotein. Natl Acad. USA , — Wahlberg, J. Membrane fusion process of Semliki Forest virus I. Low pH-induced rearrangement in spike protein quaternary structure precedes virus penetration into cells. Kielian, M. Klimjack, M.

Membrane and protein interactions of a soluble form of the Semliki Forest virus fusion protein. Gibbons, D. Molecular dissection of the Semliki Forest virus homotrimer reveals two functionally distinct regions of the fusion protein. Ahn, A. The fusion peptide of Semliki Forest virus associates with sterol-rich membrane domains. Visualization of the target-membrane-inserted fusion protein of Semliki Forest virus by combined electron microscopy and crystallography. Eckert, D. Mechanisms of viral membrane fusion and its inhibition. Membrane fusion of Semliki Forest virus involves homotrimers of the fusion protein.

Markosyan, R. HIV-1 envelope proteins complete their folding into six-helix bundles immediately after fusion pore formation. Cell 14 , — Kemble, G. Lipid-anchored influenza hemagglutinin promotes hemifusion, not complete fusion. Cell 76 , — Wor Thongthai, Keith Weninger. Photochemistry and Photobiology , 85 3 , Rapid modification of retroviruses using lipid conjugates. Nanotechnology , 20 6 , Preparation of polystyrene fluorescent microspheres based on some fluorescent labels. Journal of Materials Chemistry , 19 14 , Vladimir P. Nanotechnology for Intracellular Delivery and Targeting.

Alba A. Vallejo, Marta S. FRET between non-substrate probes detects lateral lipid domain formation during phospholipase A2 interfacial catalysis. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics , 1 , Trikash, G. Volynets, O. Remenyak, V.

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Docking and fusion of synaptic vesicles in cell-free model system of exocytosis. Neurochemistry International , 53 , Thomas P.

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Smart, Christine Fernyhough, Anthony J. Ryan, Giuseppe Battaglia. Controlling Fusion and Aggregation in Polymersome Dispersions. Macromolecular Rapid Communications , 29 23 , Fukushima, M. Mizutani, K. Imamura, K. Morino, J. Kobayashi, K. Okumura, K. Tsumoto, T. Journal of Biochemistry , 6 , Jelena L. Holovati, Maria I. Gyongyossy-Issa, Jason P. Cell Preservation Technology , 6 2 , Progressive ordering with decreasing temperature of the phospholipids of influenza virus. Nature Chemical Biology , 4 4 , Lipid layers on polyelectrolyte multilayer supports.

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Experimental Eye Research , 84 1 , Bailey, Leonid V. Biophysical Journal , 91 9 , Sarah A. Connolly, Robert A. Paramyxovirus fusion: Real-time measurement of parainfluenza virus 5 virus—cell fusion. Virology , 2 , Trikash, L. Fusion of synaptic vesicles and plasma membrane in the presence of synaptosomal soluble proteins. Neurochemistry International , 49 3 , Journal of Biological Chemistry , 18 , Subash C.

The Journal of Biochemistry , 5 , A novel saposin-like protein of Entamoeba histolytica with membrane-fusogenic activity. Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology , 1 , Carlo A. Journal of Membrane Biology , 3 , Fusogenic potential of sperm membrane lipids: Nature's wisdom to accomplish targeted gene delivery.

FEBS Letters , 9 , Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology , 52 4 , Victor C. Chu, Lisa J. McElroy, Beverley E. Bauman, Gary R. Fluorescence Dequenching Assays of Coronavirus Fusion. Carbohydrate-binding molecules inhibit viral fusion and entry by crosslinking membrane glycoproteins.

Nature Immunology , 6 10 , Cut-off phenomenon in the protective effect of alcohols against lysophosphatidylcholine-induced calcium overload. Interaction of the — prion peptide with lipid membranes and potential implication for neurotoxicity. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications , 4 , Angewandte Chemie International Edition , 44 19 , Angewandte Chemie , 19 , Polekhina, K.

Giddings, R. Tweten, M. Insights into the action of the superfamily of cholesterol-dependent cytolysins from studies of intermedilysin. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , 3 , Markosyan, P. Bates, F. Cohen, G. Biophysical Journal , 87 5 , Trikash, V. Gumenyuk, V. Fusion of isolated synaptic vesicles as a model of the terminal stage of regulated exocytosis.

Neurophysiology , 36 4 , Kozlov, Leonid V. Journal of Biological Chemistry , 25 , Fluorescence Detection of Lipids and Its Application. Oleoscience , 4 4 , , Arienti, E. Carlini, C. Saccardi, C. Role of human prostasomes in the activation of spermatozoa. Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine , 8 1 , Biophysical Journal , 85 6 , Fusion of prostasomes to human spermatozoa stimulates the acrosome reaction. Fertility and Sterility , 80 5 , Cross, Lin Liu. Journal of Biological Chemistry , 41 , Eric R. Geertsma, Ria H. Duurkens, Bert Poolman. Journal of Molecular Biology , 5 , Chernomordik, Joe Bentz.

Biophysical Journal , 85 3 , Ying Wang, Gregory A. Grabowski, Xiaoyang Qi. Phospholipid vesicle fusion induced by saposin C. Antiviral Research , 58 2 , Tyteca, A. Schanck, Y. Deleu, P. Courtoy, P. Tulkens, M. The macrolide antibiotic azithromycin interacts with lipids and affects membrane organization and fluidity: Studies on langmuir-blodgett monolayers, liposomes and J macrophages.

Peptides derived from the heptad repeat region near the C-terminal of Sendai virus F protein bind the hemagglutinin-neuraminidase ectodomain. FEBS Letters , , Artificial Cells, Blood Substitutes, and Biotechnology , 31 4 , Interaction of Phospholipases C and Sphingomyelinase with Liposomes. James E Smolen. Liposomes in the Study of Membrane Fusion in Neutrophils.

Yuichi Takeda, Kunihiro Kasamo. Abu-Amero, M. Halablab, R. Alternative to fluorescence assays to monitor fusion between Acholeplasma laidlawii cells and liposomes. Letters in Applied Microbiology , 35 6 , Mode of action of two inhibitory peptides from heptad repeat domains of the fusion protein of Newcastle disease virus.

Anzar, N. Kakuda, L. He, K. Pauls, M. Optimizing and quantifying fusion of liposomes to mammalian sperm using resonance energy transfer and flow cytometric methods.

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Cytometry , 49 1 , A novel pH-sensitive liposome formulation containing oleyl alcohol. RSV entry inhibitors block F-protein mediated fusion with model membranes. Antiviral Research , 55 1 , Journal of Biological Chemistry , 24 , Journal of Biological Chemistry , 23 , Fluorescent lipid probes in the study of viral membrane fusion. Fluorescent lipid probes: some properties and applications a review.

Fusogenic activity of reconstituted newcastle disease virus envelopes: a role for the hemagglutinin-neuraminidase protein in the fusion process.

Reviews, Methods and Commentaries by Ineke Braakman's group

Fluorescent probes for monitoring virus fusion kinetics: comparative evaluation of reliability. Frank P. Experimental Eye Research , 74 2 , The effect of acclimation temperature on the fusion kinetics of lipid vesicles derived from endoplasmic reticulum membranes of rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss liver. Gene transfection by quantitatively reconstituted Sendai envelope proteins into liposomes.

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Cancer Gene Therapy , 9 2 , Palmerini, Giuseppe Arienti. Ahmad, A.

ISBN 13: 9780306463136

Masood, M. Fusogenic potential of prokaryotic membrane lipids. European Journal of Biochemistry , 22 , Arienti, A. Nicolucci, F. Santi, E. Progesterone-induced increase of sperm cytosolic calcium is enhanced by previous fusion of spermatozoa to prostasomes. Cell Calcium , 30 3 , Aditya Mittal, Joe Bentz.

Biophysical Journal , 81 3 , RFI inhibits entry of respiratory syncytial virus via interactions with fusion protein. Jonathan V. Rocheleau, Nils O. The Sendai virus membrane fusion mechanism studied using image correlation spectroscopy. European Journal of Biochemistry , 10 , Domecq, E. Disalvo, D. Bernik, F. Florenzano, M. Drug Delivery , 8 3 , Owais, C. Liposome-mediated cytosolic delivery of macromolecules and its possible use in vaccine development.

European Journal of Biochemistry , 13 , P-glycoprotein-overexpressing multidrug-resistant cells are resistant to infection by enveloped viruses that enter via the plasma membrane. Journal of Biological Chemistry , 6 , Tulkens, Marie-Paule Mingeot-Leclercq. Biophysical studies and intracellular destabilization of pH-sensitive liposomes. Lipids , 35 2 , Kathleen Boesze-Battaglia. Structure of influenza haemagglutinin at neutral and at fusogenic pH by electron cryo-microscopy.

FEBS Letters , 3 , Neal J. Hansen, Wolfram Antonin, J. Michael Edwardson. Journal of Biological Chemistry , 32 , Turco, Fredric S. Relationship of membrane sidedness to the effects of the lipophosphoglycan of Leishmania donovani on the fusion of influenza virus. European Journal of Biochemistry , 3 , Patrick W.

Mobley, Alan J. Waring, Mark A. Sherman, Larry M. Membrane interactions of the synthetic N-terminal peptide of HIV-1 gp41 and its structural analogs. Pedroso Lima. Role of a transbilayer pH gradient in the membrane fusion activity of the influenza virus hemagglutinin: Use of the R18 assay to monitor membrane merging. Biological Procedures Online , 1 3 , Julia Avery, Reinhard Jahn, J. Annual Review of Physiology , 61 1 , Fusion of Sendai virus with liposome depends on only F protein, but not HN protein.

Virus Research , 59 2 , Liposomes fuse with sperm cells and induce activation by delivery of impermeant agents. Henis, Yoel Kloog. Journal of Biological Chemistry , 3 , Manipulation of activity and orientation of membrane-reconstituted di-tripeptide transport protein DtpT of Lactococcus lactis. Molecular Membrane Biology , 16 4 , Bart Jan Ravoo, Wilke D.

Weringa, Jan B. Membrane Fusion in Vesicles of Oligomerizable Lipids. Biophysical Journal , 76 1 , The anti-herpes simplex virus activity of n-docosanol includes inhibition of the viral entry process. Antiviral Research , 40 , The Journal of Cell Biology , 5 , Reconstructed human skin as model for liposome—skin interaction. Journal of Controlled Release , 55 , Reconstitution of membrane fusion between pancreatic islet secretory granules and plasma membranes: Catalysis by a protein constituent recognized by monoclonal antibodies directed against glyceraldehydephosphate dehydrogenase.

Methods , 16 2 , Lipid fusion in oligonucleotide and gene delivery with cationic lipids. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews , 34 1 , Journal of Biological Chemistry , 36 , Birgitta J. Rasmusson, Thomas D. Flanagan, Salvatore J. Turco, Richard M. Epand, Nils O. Fusion of Sendai virus and individual host cells and inhibition of fusion by lipophosphoglycan measured with image correlation spectroscopy. Interactions between prostasomes and leukocytes. Ernst R. Delivery to cancer cells of antisense L-myc oligonucleotides incorporated in fusogenic, cationic-lipid-reconstituted influenza-virus envelopes cationic virosomes.

International Journal of Cancer , 77 5 , Raquel F. Epand, M. Rosa Infante, Thomas D. Flanagan, Richard M. Properties of lipoamino acids incorporated into membrane bilayers. Physicochemical characterisation of human stratum corneum lipid liposomes. Chemistry and Physics of Lipids , 94 1 , Terletskaya, I. Calcium-triggered fusion of synaptic vesicles and synaptosomal plasma membranesin vitro. Neurophysiology , 30 , Novel fluorescence membrane fusion assays reveal GTP-dependent fusogenic properties of outer mitochondrial membrane-derived proteins.

Shiro Shigeta. Antiviral Chemistry and Chemotherapy , 9 2 , Trikash, Ya. Terletskaya, L. Kolchinskaya, M. Membranotropic properties of latrotoxin-like protein: Studies on liposomes. Neurophysiology , 30 2 , Fusion of influenza virus with the endosomal membrane is inhibited by monoclonal antibodies to defined epitopes on the hemagglutinin. Virus Research , 53 2 , Valery V. Chestkov, Sergey P. Journal of Biological Chemistry , 4 , Fusion activity of the influenza virus hemagglutinin does not require a transbilayer pH gradient.

Journal of Biological Chemistry , 46 , Sangeeta Bagai, Robert A Lamb. Cameron Gray, Lukas K. Structural studies on membrane-embedded influenza hemagglutinin and its fragments. Protein Science , 6 9 , Transfer of aminopeptidase activity from prostasomes to sperm. Poly ethylene glycol -lipid conjugates inhibit phospholipase C-induced lipid hydrolysis, liposome aggregation and fusion through independent mechanisms. Maria T. Oliveira, Maria C. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications , 1 , Tracey L.

Armstrong, Nigel J. Lipogastrins as potent inhibitors of viral fusion. Terletskaya, M. Malysheva, L. Kolchinskaya, T. Kastrykina, N. Membrane fusion in model systems. Neurophysiology , 29 , Journal of Biological Chemistry , 15 , Watkins, S. Journal of Dental Research , 76 3 , Leonid V. The Journal of Cell Biology , 1 , Ulrike Gimsa, Jan Gimsa. Determination of viral neuraminidase specificity for membrane-bound sialic acids by cell electrophoresis. Molecular Membrane Biology , 14 2 , Shigeta, S.

Mori, J. Watanabe, T. Yamase, R. Antiviral Chemistry and Chemotherapy , 7 6 , Journal of Biological Chemistry , 43 , Tulkens, Pierre J. Courtoy, Marie-Paule Mingeot-Leclercq. Interaction of the macrolide azithromycin with phospholipids. Inhibition of lysosomal phospholipase A1 activity.

European Journal of Pharmacology , , Reconstitution of lactate proton symport activity in plasma membrane vesicles from the yeastCandida utilis. Yeast , 12 12 , Pedroso de Lima, Shlomo Nir. Journal of Biological Chemistry , 39 , Mohamed El Baraka, Eve I. Wallach, Jean R. Non-phospholipid fusogenic liposomes. Schnelle, T. Fiedler, S. Shirley, K. Ludwig, A. Herrmann, G. Fuhr, B. Wagner, U. Trapping of viruses in high-frequency electric field cages. Naturwissenschaften , 83 4 , Journal of Liposome Research , 6 4 , Joke G. Orsel, Ingrid Bartoldus, Toon Stegmann.

Photochemistry and Photobiology , 62 4 , Nussbaum, A. Interaction of reconstituted Sendai viral envelopes with sperm cells: reconstituted Sendai virus envelope-induced fusion-mediated introduction of foreign material into bull sperm cells. Archives of Virology , 9 , Spontaneous transfer of GM3 ganglioside between vesicles.

Chemistry and Physics of Lipids , 77 2 , Michel Vidal, Dick Hoekstra. Journal of Biological Chemistry , 30 , Johanna M. Leenhouts, Ben De Kruijff. Membrane potential-driven translocation of a lipid-conjugated rhodamine. Photochemistry and Photobiology , 61 6 , Curtain, Alan Kirkpatrick, Alan J. Waring, Larry M. The amino-terminal peptide of HIV-1 glycoprotein 41 fuses human erythrocytes. Maria C. Target cell membrane sialic acid modulates both binding and fusion activity of influenza virus.

Instead, red algae has a complex life cycle, with three distinct stages. The offspring of asexual reproduction are genetically identical to clones of the parent. Based on whether there is one or two organisms taking part in the process of reproduction Human Reproduction PowerPoint Notes The reproductive organs of the human female and male generate eggs and sperm and how sexual activity may lead to fertilization and pregnancy.

Are you looking for the 12th class biology notes pdf free download and read online? Reproduction enables the retention continuity of the species, from generation to generation. Every organism lives only for certain period of time Eg Elephant 60 years, Fruit fly weeks. A Complete notes for Students. These notes includes explanation for all the terminologies provided in the topic Human Reproduction HRP , whose mandate was focused on research into the development of new and improved methods of fertility regulation and issues of safety and efficacy of existing methods.

Parthenocarpic fruits produced by naturally and Artificially. Lesson companions that I created for my Y 10 to help with the reproduction unit IGCSE includes reproduction in plants and animals Powerpoint added for reference. The sexual reproduction takes place by fusion of male and female gamete. Iranian plateau. IB Biology notes on 6. Animal Reproduction Science publishes original research and timely reviews on topics relating to reproduction and fertility in animals.

This includes several different disciplines, including botany, zoology, microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, cellular biology Notes over bacteria which includes presentation slides. Maternal smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke endanger the health of the mother and the baby. IGCSE Biology on Sexual reproduction requires a male and a female of the same species to copulate and combine their genes in order to produce a new individual who is genetically different from his parents.

Most fungi are saprobes live on dead and decaying organic matter or parasitic live in or on a host organism from which it takes nutrients Here are complete Human Reproduction important notes and summary. Arguments against IVF. Powerpoint human reproduction 1.

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Human Reproduction — Notes. Vegetative reproduction occurs through fragmentation, asexual occurs through formation of spores and binary fission, whereas sexual reproduction takes place by fusion of two haploid gametes.


Lecture Notes. The germ cell from the male sperm will then fuse with the germ cell of the female ovum during reproduction to reform a cell with 23 pairs of homologous chromosomes. Reproduction is a biological process that occurs in all living organisms. View Notes - Reproduction Notes dragged 1. This is a symptomatic process whose significance points beyond the realm of art. A bud-like outgrowth isHeredity formed on one side of the parent cell and soon it separates and grows Are you looking for Chapter 20 "Reproduction" notes for 12th class in the PDF and images form?

You have come to the right place. There is no tendency towards the formation of pseudo filament, when the cells are united in colonies. Readers are advised to The Marchantia is dioecious or heterothallic i. Monoclonal antibodies Mabs Antibodies are glycoprotein synthesized in blood against specific antigens hust to combat and give immunity. Meaning of Fungi: Fungi Lat. Turngren, Minnesota Literacy Council, p. A single individual parent is capable of producing offspring.

Students can either download the NCERT solutions for Class 12 Biology Chapter 3 from the link given below to study offline or bookmark this page to view the solutions as required. Search for Reproduction in animals notes for class 8 is here. Read a collection of the most cited articles from Human Reproduction Update, Human Reproduction, For full access to this pdf, sign in to an existing account, or Reproduction in Sargassum: The reproduction takes place by vegetative and sexual methods. The ground level is chosen as the origin and positions above the ground are considered as positive.

The human reproductive system is the system which produces specialized cells Lectures notes On Production and Operation Management Prepared by Dr. The haploid and diploid phases of the life cycle in sexual organisms are inter-converted by View Notes - Unit 2 Notes reproduction. Modification of life cycle and reproduction in Pteridophyta 2. Lesson 4. Good luck!

Fusion of Biological Membranes and Related Problems (SUBCELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY Volume 34)

Fungi Notes. That is its one primary and universal function. Male gametes are produced by the male parent, and female gametes are produced by the female parent. JEE Notes: Relations and Functions notes for JEE Mains The videos and corresponding PDF notes are available throughout the entire time the course is open, from the first day through the end of the course on the day the grades are reported to the Registrar.

The majority of the genera of this family are colonial and a few are unicellular. All sexually reproducing organisms share a similar pattern of reproduction. Some examples of asexual reproduction include growth of new plant from a cutting, ncert. Human Reproduction for Class 12 Chapter 3 Biology Notes includes detailed explanations for important concepts like male and female reproductive organs and the Revision Notes on Human Reproduction 1 Reproduction is the formation of new individuals of their own kind by living organisms.

The thallus breaks into fragments due to mechanical injury or death and decay of older parts. Asexual reproduction is the formation of offspring without the fusion of gametes. All of these notes have been prepared in such a way that the readers can understand them easily. Search Notes. This means that no analysis can be done across variables, but descriptive statistics with each variable are valid. Reproduction pdf This post on weebly.

Reproduction, process by which organisms replicate themselves. Some algal species can reproduce by more than one means depending upon the environmental Biology Questions and Answers Form 3; Biology notes, outlines, diagrams, study guides, vocabulary, practice exams and more! Free online downloads and pdf. Instruction sheet on the reproduction of banknotes. Reproduction is the biological process in which an individual gives rise to an offspring similar to itself. What does the Quran really say about a Muslim woman's hijab? General biology study guide.

There are remarkable differences between the reproductive events and systems in male and female. The asexual reproduction is absent. The important notes of Biology for Reproduction In Organisms pdf download are available here for free. Fungi Kingdom contains molds, mildews, rusts, smuts, yeasts, and mushrooms. All fungi are multicellular except for yeast, which is unicellular. The Bank may, subject to paragraph 18, grant permission for the reproduction of currency notes if all of the following criteria are met: The succinct explanations here are neither comprehensive nor definitive.

Asexual type OR Sexual What organism is this and what type of reproduction is this?

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Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 4. Many types of infertility are due to environmental factors rather than genetic which means that the offspring would not inherit the infertility. Formation of the zygote. The bio boiz Reproduction? The bio life? Image source. Sexual Reproduction Two parents Offspring are a combination of both parents and are therefore different from each parent. These fruits are either non-viable or seedless. Artificial insemination has been a tremendous tool for genetic improvement.

Sexual Reproduction in Protozoa: The modes of reproduction in which two gametes unite to form a new individual is known as sexual reproduction. Reproduction is a process of generating offspring. The The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and quizzes written by community members like you. The asexual strategy is much faster and less costly than sexual reproduction and can enable bryos to colonize an area quickly which becomes very important in unstable environments.

Monitoring Your Comprehension As you read Lesson 1, list each reproductive organ and its function under the ca7. Reproduction or procreation or breeding is the biological process by which new individual 5 Asexual vs. Reproductive Organs Make the following Foldable to organize information about the organs of the male and female reproductive systems and functions.

It typically involves sexual intercourse between a man and a woman.