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With supercomputing resources, developers can create more complex models to improve the accuracy of cancer diagnosis. Drug discovery: Identifying promising molecular compounds for drug candidates is computationally demanding, time-consuming and expensive. Researchers can leverage GPU-accelerated systems for faster simulations of protein folding, helping narrow down candidates to test in a wet laboratory. Smart city planning: Cities collect vast quantities of data that can be analyzed for smarter urban planning.

With an AI model that can analyze visual data from traffic pole cameras, cities can identify congested areas and better address safety concerns like dangerous intersections. Understanding Earth: In weather modeling and in energy research, scientists depend on high-fidelity simulations to analyze the interaction of complex natural systems.

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Researchers can use AI to better predict weather events and earthquakes, inform precision agriculture projects and explore potential energy sources such as nuclear fusion. They contain the Tianhe-1A supercomputer, which 8 years ago became the first Chinese machine to reign, briefly, as the world's fastest computer, running at 2. But just upstairs from Tianhe-1A—and off-limits to visitors—is a small prototype machine that, if successfully scaled up, could push China to the top of the rankings again.

The goal is a supercomputer capable of 1 exaflop— petaflops, five times faster than the current champion, the Summit supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. China is vying with the United States, Europe, and Japan to plant its flag in this rarefied realm, which will boost climate and weather modeling, human genetics studies, drug development, artificial intelligence, and other scientific uses. But its strategy is unique. The approach is a chance to spur innovation, says Bob Sorensen, a high-performance computing analyst at Hyperion Research in St.

Texas Boosts U.S. Science with Fastest Academic Supercomputer in the World

It "encourages vendors to experiment with a wide range of designs to distinguish themselves from their competitors," he says. China may not be first to reach this computing milestone. Japan's Post-K exascale computer could be running in The European Union is ramping up its own program. China is aiming for , but the date may slip.

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Being first is not China's only goal, however. Building domestic capacity is particularly important for central processing units CPUs and specialized chips called accelerators, which boost a computer's performance.

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Supercomputers Pave the Way for New Machine Learning Approach Transfer learning, a new approach to machine learning, allows researchers to model novel materials in milliseconds by learning from data collected about millions of other compounds Learn More. Innovate, Educate, Collaborate:. Researcher Spotlight See All.


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