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Arguments Does distance matter for financial stability? Our argument is structured as follows. Distance can be a complex, multidimensional relational concept. Literature suggest that the distance has an exogenous endogenous shock nature in banking structure. The intangibility easily gives the impression that the friction of distance the core of geography, will be marginal at best. And when the friction of distance is lost, the discipline also loses most of its foundations.

Ebook The Changing Geography Of Banking And Finance: The Main Issues

This opinion implicitly assumes that the financial landscape is homogeneous. However the real financial landscape is not homogeneous at all, it is extremely heterogeneous and full of anomalies. This raises the question regarding the qualitative nature of the interaction between regional financial stability and local institutions in the "production process of financial development".

Conclusion In the last four decades, the economics research frontier has been significantly transformed by collection of new approaches that injected traditional economic geographical methodology. Changes in the financial geography research frontier herald future changes in economics. The new methods and concepts being adopted in economics coming from other sciences strongly suggest that economics will be substantially different in the future.

The Changing Geography of Banking and Finance: The Main Issues

The approaches presented in this literature review prove the role of regional disparities regional aspects is fundamental in banking and credit research. In this introductory paper, I first focus on the more general concept of financial geography. I classify the literature on financial geography into three parts: the first part of the literature focuses on demonstrating the role of space in financial economics and macroeconomic performance. The second part of the literature analyzes the relationship between banks and borrowers through triangles of distance and micro-financial conditions.

The third part of the literature focuses on bank and facility location analysis. Finally, highlighting important roles for both locality market and location linkages within the network , and determining the outcomes of behavioural rules that shape equilibrium spatial landscapes and evolutionary paths, the above literature Table 1 is closely related to new economic geography. References [1] Abbasi, G.

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