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The first surge began in the s. Editors, History.

14 Monumental Events from Mexico’s Revolutionary War — Casa Lucila Hotel Boutique

The Best of the Humanities on the Web , edsitement. In order to better understand this decade-long civil war, we are including links to Chronicling America, a free digital database of historic newspapers that covers this period in great detail. Nationalism- identification with one's own nation and support for its interests, especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations.

The Results of the Mexican Revolution. The Mexican Revolution destroyed the old government and army of the dictator Porfirio Diaz, and eventually changed the country's economic and social system in important ways. The Mexican Revolution, which began in , ended dictatorship in Mexico and established a constitutional republic.

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Unfortunately, peace was not to come to this country for a while. But many revolutionary commanders wanted immediate change, which was impossible to accomplish.

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  • A fatal decision…. Huerta had to flee the country in Fighting among revolutionary groups did not end until The Revolution had at last triumphed!

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    It is so popular that it is now sung Here are some of the reasons behind the revolution and information about its outcome. Porfirio Diaz had been in power for over thirty years when he gave an interview with American journalist James Creelman in in which he stated that Mexico was ready for democracy and that the president to follow him should be elected democratically.

    He said that he looked forward to the formation of opposing political parties. Francisco Madero, a lawyer from Coahuila , took Diaz at his word and decided to run against him in the elections. Diaz who clearly hadn't really meant what he said to Creelman had Madero imprisoned and declared himself the winner of the elections.

    The Mexican Revolution: November 20th, 1910

    Madero wrote the Plan de San Luis Potosi which called for the people of Mexico to rise up in arms against the president, with the date of the uprising set for November 20th, The Serdan family of Puebla, planning to join with Madero, had arms stockpiled in their home when they were discovered on November 18th, two days before the revolution was to begin.

    The first battle of the revolution took place in their home, now a museum dedicated to the revolution. Madero was elected president. Up to that point, the revolutionaries had had a common goal, but with Madero as president, their differences became obvious. Zapata and Villa had been fighting for social and agrarian reform, whereas Madero had mainly been interested in making political changes. On November 25th, , Zapata proclaimed the Plan de Ayala which stated that the goal of the revolution was for land to be redistributed among the poor.